We Transform Businesses

What we do is take a common sense approach to how small business owners can use some of the techniques the "big boys" do to increase exposure and grow their business.  We also don't waste time on things that simply don't work for small business.

Our approach is simple.  Instead of spending a fortune "buying" keywords and ads that don't return anything we concentrate on three areas:

Most people’s websites, however pretty, are simply brochures.  They say nice things about the company
but don’t offer anything or ask the prospect to DO something you want them to do. We fix that.

Publishing is the easiest way to get the message out.  We set up a syndicated site so that when you
create a piece of content it goes automatically to ALL of your social media sites, simultaneously.  Not a writer?  We will set you up with a site where you can get all the content you want for free.  People offer hundreds of guest blogs daily, and you choose the categories that most apply to your customers’

We set up and maintain profiles, sites, and “Fan Pages” where people can find you, follow you, and like you.  There are more searches for local professional services on FaceBook and LinkedIn than Google,
and you can still rank quite highly in your local area.  LinkedIn groups also offer you an almost
unlimited landscape to get your business in front of, join discussions, and harvest for leads.





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