We'll get you there, no matter how small your boat is

Forbes: Entrepreneurs

David Hochman on Nov 28, 2015 07:02PM

Los Angeles Gift Guide For The Holidays

What to buy in Los Angeles for everyone on your holiday gift list

David Hochman on Nov 28, 2015 06:04PM

Five Ways To Celebrate San Diego Winter At La Costa Resort

How to enjoy the winter in luxury at San Diego's La Costa Resort and Spa

Susan Reid on Nov 28, 2015 03:58PM

I Won't Wish You Luck: Talented People Make Their Own

Most people wake up in the morning and their first thought is: ?Shower or jog?? or maybe ?Coffee at home or latte from Starbucks?? Charlie, my entrepreneur husband, wakes up (usually before 4 am), jumps out of bed and the first thoughts in his usually jam-packed day are: ?What to do? Where to go? Who to Call??

Rebecca Fannin on Nov 28, 2015 01:54PM

Silicon Valley's Status As Tech Central Worldwide Is Waning While Asian Cities Rise

Silicon Valley's status as the world-leading tech hub is being increasingly challenged by Tokyo, Shanghai and Bangalore, KPMG survey finds.

Seth Porges on Nov 28, 2015 01:53PM

The 7 Secrets To Putting On A Circus In The Middle Of Manhattan

Maybe its ground in the iconic image of P.T. Barnum's elephants putting the newly constructed Brooklyn Bridge to the test in 1884, but there's something undeniably awe-inspiring about the idea of putting on a circus in the middle of Manhattan. After all, it can't be easy to take an island with nary an inch of unused space and bound on all sides by water; and transplanting in an army's worth of tents, trailers, animals, and performers. . To see what it takes to bring a circus into the city, I spoke to the minds behind the New York-based Big Apple Circus, which is currently camped out at Lincoln Center. Here are seven fact that you probably don't know about this circus, and the challenges that come with setting up shop in the ever-crowded confines of New York City—a feat that is arguably more awe-inspiring than anything that takes place in the ring. It Takes Three Weeks To Load In The Circus “Getting the circus ready requires a three-week load-in period, which is necessary because we schedule more than 52 semi delivers and more than 40 buses and travel trailers housing over 110 people on location. If things don’t work like clockwork, this show would not go on.” — Larry Solheim, general manager of the Big Apple Circus. The Circus Is Packed In Like A Jigsaw Puzzle “We're right next to the Metropolitan Opera and there’s a little paved park and it just blows my mind. You’ve got trailers parked like six inches apart from each other filling every square inch of space. The way the staff has to figure out things like which trailer do we park first up against the side of the Opera? Once you’re in, you’re in. It’s a jigsaw puzzle. You can’t move them around. And we’re on a deadline to get out of there. There’s a specific order to back out trucks. In the past, some of the later elements like the cookhouses had to be dropped in by crane.” —Will Weiss, executive director More Than 100 People Sleep In The Park “All of the performers and full-time crew live on site. There's 135 people. Everybody lives on site except for the New York-based musicians. I like to always use the term nomadic tribe when we travel. We are a community. A working community. And we are together for economic reasons. You have families, and you have people alone. Everybody tends to have their own independent life, but we work together very well. We certainly assist each other in case of difficulties. ” — Guillaume Dufresnoy, artistic director



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