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Forbes: Entrepreneurs

Osman Can Ozcanli on Apr 18, 2014 10:36AM

Why Start A Business In Turkey And Not In Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley and other developed regions are great if you want to find investment for your next big “Facebook idea” or start a business for your new high-tech drug. But if you are starting a low-tech business from scratch, manufacturing a physical product, or starting a new service business, the place to be is in a newly industrialized country (NIC). Turkey, China, India and Brazil are examples of newly industrialized countries where a very small investment on a good idea can really skyrocket. Once you go national in one of these countries, you could then turn to a developed economy to go global.

Steve Olenski on Apr 18, 2014 10:32AM

A View To A Thrill: Why Marketers Need To Get Visual, Fast

A long time ago in a land far away... ok it wasn't all that long ago nor was the land that far away, but a few years back someone said something that struck a chord with me and  I have never forgotten it.  That something had to do with the way we need to look at our screens - our PC, smartphone and tablet screens.

Rob Asghar on Apr 18, 2014 10:27AM

The 5-Star Employee: Why We Need A Yelp For The Workplace

Some companies do reference checks decently, some do it poorly, but pretty much all of them do it too late in the process. This rewards candidates who talk a good game more than those who play it. The next billion-dollar social-media company could be some combination of LinkedIn and and Yelp that can evaluate a person's true worth from various angles.

EDF Energy Exchange on Apr 18, 2014 10:20AM

An In-Depth Look At The Future Of American Energy And How We Get There

By Cheryl Roberto

Quora on Apr 18, 2014 09:36AM

What Are The Differences Between Assigning VP-Level Titles Vs. CxO Titles In A Startup?

What are the differences, if any, between assigning VP-level titles vs. CxO titles in a startup? This question was originally answered on Quora by Sean Byrnes.



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