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Susan Cunningham on Nov 26, 2014 07:57PM

Myanmar Digital Startup NEX Gets 2nd Round Funds From Blibros

Myanmar digital startup NEX has won second round funding of  US$150,000 from Singapore's Blibros Group, the privately-held investment arm of Sweden’s Böcker family. Yes, this is the family of Magnus Böcker, CEO of the Singapore Exchange and former CEO of Nasdaq OMX Nordic. NEX got its initial angel investment of $50,000 last year from Singapore  investor Ned Phillips, formerly of  E*Trade and Chi-East.

Vanessa McGrady on Nov 26, 2014 06:34PM

On Faith And Finance

I did something really scary. My soul’s desire to go back to freelancing finally overpowered my need an infinite stream of paychecks, a cadre of charming coworkers, and all the Tazo tea I could drink in a day. I sat down with my manager, stammering as I told her, “I have some news …” and then quit, giving a month’s cushion to tie up and transition projects. I gave her a hug, went back to my cubicle and felt like throwing up.

Rebecca Fannin on Nov 26, 2014 05:04PM

Buzz Over Hong Kong Startups Gets A Reality Check

Three experts on startups appear on Silicon Dragon Talk to air their views on the reality of Hong Kong as a future tech innovation hub.

Jim Clash on Nov 26, 2014 04:18PM

Where Have You Gone, Mike Nichols? Art Garfunkel Gives Perspective On The Late Director

As a journalist, I‘ve done my share of big interviews. By choice, many have been “heroes” of mine growing up – Neil Armstrong, Joe Frazier, Sir Edmund Hillary, Ginger Baker, Sir Roger Bannister. As such, while exciting, each requires me to keep a certain distance from any biased preconceptions going in.

Rebecca Fannin on Nov 26, 2014 04:16PM

All It Takes Is 1 Hong Kong Startup To Break Through

Hong Kong startups may be about to break through as more get going with respectable size venture financings and move outside their comfort zone.



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