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Forbes: Entrepreneurs

Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle on Sep 02, 2014 08:15AM

Why You Need to Support Small Businesses

Small business is - quite frankly - big business. The Small Business Administration identified that there are more than 28.2 million businesses operating in the United States as of March 2014, with about 63% of new jobs being created from small businesses between 1993 and mid 2013. Of these 28.2 million businesses, most are "self-employed" - making up about 3/4 of the U.S.'s total businesses. Meanwhile, approximately half of small businesses survive five years of more, many of which make up your local coffee shops, favorite local boutiques, preferred chiropractor or local pet shop.

Edmund Ingham on Sep 02, 2014 08:14AM

How Do You Disrupt The Legal Industry? Offer Value The Big Firms Can't Match!

What’s the best way to stop yourself doing something? Try consulting a lawyer. By the time they have finished outlining the risks involved in your plans, and quoted you a price, you will have tears in your eyes and a large hole in your pocket.

Jim Keenan on Sep 02, 2014 08:10AM

Why You're Missing Out On The Best Sales People

Their list was ridiculous. It was a mile long, with every imaginable hiring requirement. They were hiring an EVP of Global Sales and the desired candidate had to have everything. They had to have industry knowledge. They had to have x years of experience. They had to have grown a sales organizations from 25 million to 200 million. This person had to have had global responsibilities. They had to have launched new products before. They had to have built new channels, built new go to market strategies and have off the chart business development skills. This person had to have implemented new sales process, sales development programs and more. The hiring criteria for this new VP of sales was specific, and long.

Bill Conerly on Sep 02, 2014 07:45AM

Reshoring Or Offshoring: U.S. Manufacturing Forecast 2015-2016

Manufacturing is a tough, competitive business. Shipping across oceans has become cheap, as has international communication, so offshoring, reshoring or never changing are vital decisions. The outlook for manufacturing activity in the United States depends on many factors, including the overall state of the economy. In this article, though, I focus on the offshoring/reshoring issue: where will manufacturing activity take place in the coming years?

H.O. Maycotte on Sep 02, 2014 07:34AM

Is Your Startup Missing Out On The Magic Of A Mascot?

It's been said time and time again that when it comes to figuring out the details of your startup, just getting your feet on the ground and running toward a goal puts you leaps and bounds ahead of so many others just sitting on their ideas. After all, in this IWWIWWIWI era – that's "I Want What I Want When I Want It" for those unaware of the unpronounceable acronym – the first to market gets the buzz.



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