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Donald Kirk on Sep 26, 2016 08:59PM

Korean Mayor Crusades Against Samsung, Hyundai In Bid To Boost Country's SME

Twice elected mayor of the Korean capital, Park Won-Soon is crusading against domination of the South Korean economy by enormous conglomerates known as chaebol. The question is whether small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can ever gain the heft and momentum of the giants, led by the Samsung, Hyundai Motor, LG and SK empires.

Daniel Fisher on Sep 26, 2016 07:14PM

Appeals Court Reverses American Express Antitrust Ruling, Citing Consumer Benefits

The Second Circuit reverses an antitrust ruling against American Express.

Peter J Reilly on Sep 26, 2016 04:50PM

IRS Announces Private Collection Firms - They Start In The Spring

Given the sad and deteriorating state of IRS collections, this move is probably a free lunch for the government, since the accounts would likely otherwise expire with the ten year statute of limitations on collections. The IRS will send written notice to the taxpayer and representatives that their account is being transferred to a collection agency. The private collectors will be able to identify themselves as contractors of the IRS.

Jim Blasingame on Sep 26, 2016 02:51PM

Can You Make Teleworking Work For You?

Here's a scenario that every small business owner fears: A key employee resigns because he or she cannot continue to come to your place of business to work for reasons out of their control, such as an illness or a family issue. Is there another answer besides accepting the resignation?   With

Micah Solomon on Sep 26, 2016 01:43PM

What Google, Apple, And The World's Best Ice Cream Stand Know About Customer Service

Providing great customer service requires you to do business on the schedule of your customers, stretching yourself to meet a customer?s timing needs even when it means rearranging your workflow in ways that are messy and inefficient.



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