Interaction is everything. Once you review your mission, vision, and strategy there is a whole new set of rules for how to get to market. We no longer push information to a relatively uninformed "audience" in 30 second bits to cause a reaction - buying. Todays market is well-informed, linked, and decentralized. Interaction is everything and content is king.  The paradigm hasn't just shifted, its morphed! The need for experience to fuel viral or social marketing has turned us into a nation of content producers. We now need to convince people that they like the way we think, that we are listening to them, that their opinion matters, and that we offer them more than a product. 

Traditional Marketing:                                                                         Interactive Marketing:

    Push advertising                                                                                 e-mail campaigns
    Brochures                                                                                            Search engine marketing
    Pamphlets                                                                                           Unique value propositions                                                                                                                                 
    Mailers                                                                                                 Specific website landing pages
    TV                                                                                                          Calls to action
    Radio                                                                                                    e-Commerce
    Users groups                                                                                      Podcasts
    Seminars                                                                                             Webinars
    Trade shows                                                                                       Blogs
    Conventions                                                                                       Chat rooms

    Industry associations                                                                       Web communities
    Vendors                                                                                               LinkedIn connections
    Press                                                                                                    Social media groups
    Media                                                                                                  Content generation

    Cold calling                                                                                        Viral marketing
    B2B or door to door                                                                           Link building
    Referrals                                                                                             List building




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